Due to the type of work I do, confidentiality is paramount. Therefore the following testimonials are anonymous. The responses were given as feedback following participation on courses I have offered.

The main things that participants felt that they gained from the courses were: awareness, openess, acceptance, a better understanding of self, less stressed, not allowing others negativity to get them down, learning about the impact of negativity, an increased sense of worth, courage, the value of meditation and an overall feeling of positivity about life.

When asked to elaborate here are further comments:

  • “It helped me face some difficult situations, something I thought was a problem now doesn’t seem so bad.”
  • “Excellent content, very clear, positive and engaging. I would highly recommend this course.”
  • “I came on this course with one particular problem, the six weeks have enabled me to sort out what was happening. As well as figuring out why I felt like this ‘problem’ was running through my head on a loop. Glad to say I am well on my way to dealing with this and I know I will get there.”
  • “Now I see within my family that I have to change myself and not allow them to control my life and to let them deal with their own issues.”
  • “The world doesn’t stop because I’m having problems to deal with. It was great doing something positive instead of dwelling on things that can’t be changed.


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