Month: November 2014


Today marks my blog-a-versary. Sounds like a made up name you say? You are correct, I made it up. But it’s my blog-a-versary I can do what I like! A year ago today the blog began and within that year I feel there have been many positives. I was published numerous times, lovely changes have occurred within my professional and personal life AND I have been able to regularly communicate with all of you.

Thanks to this blog I can easily look back at the last year. How often do you allow yourself a chance to look at the positive events that have occurred for you? We can often get stuck in a rut seeing only the negative, or only counting major successes. Do you find it easier to focus on personal failures? Forgetting all the times you succeeded?


If you find it easier to locate your flaws, please don’t berate yourself about being negative. Just become aware of it. A year from today you may notice this is when things started to change. You recognised that you deserve the same compassion you show to others. Start acknowledging your successes, no matter how small you feel they may be.

  • Did you finally finish that project you started years ago = success
  • Did you keep your cool when your kids/partner/parent was driving you bananas = success
  • Were you able to show kindness to a stranger for nothing in return = success

Today is your blog-a-versary as well. Celebrate your month, your year, your life. You made it this far didn’t you? And I am sure that was no easy feat.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Gautama Buddha

Feeling stressed?

We can all get bogged down with the worries of everyday life. It seems as though so many around us are stressed and busy.

As adults we push ourselves to an unnatural pace. Believing it’s the way we should be. While the children and animals that surround us never go by anyones time but their own. We could learn something from that.

Watch the following video and channel your inner child or tiny animal. Be present, take a breath and don’t forget to enjoy each day. Before you know it, it could be your last.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France


Time and time again I hear how important it is to be present. Often we can get so caught up with trying to be present we struggle further. Trying to quiet the mind is no easy feat. We are stimulated all day and making the thoughts stop rushing can be tricky. For today, I offer a solution.


Meditation and mindfulness are amazing tools. Many studies have been done on the importance of practicing both. Instead of jumping into that and cursing yourself for having such a frantic mind. Why not try being present in a different way?

The rest of this post will contain funny images or videos. I recommend you take some time and enjoy them. Like a meditation all you need to worry about is breathing. Since humour is objective what I find funny you may not. If at the end of this post you did not even have a chuckle then go find something that will make you smile. Being present doesn’t always have to be such serious business.

Autocorrect fails brought to you by Distractify and Buzzfeed.


 If you feel like you want warm and fuzzies instead of a chuckle check out my past post on Joy. The following video featured in that.

“Laughter is wine for the soul – laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness – the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.” – Sean O’Casey