Can one lifestyle change make a difference?

Christmas hasn’t even happened yet and already I’ve received texts from a gym gearing up for January. The new years resolution lists are already being formulated and personal trainers are filling up their diaries.

What if this year we ignore the pressure that the media and advertisers push on us. And instead explore what it is that makes you and your body feel happy and healthy.

When it comes to resolutions many of us seem to feel like we should stop doing something, rather than starting something positive. Instead of saying you’ll quit smoking, stop eating crisps and not watch so much television. Why not decide to take up walking or meditating? 

Not that stopping smoking or eating junk isn’t a good idea. I just think we should start a new year with adding something positive to our lives.

The difference that thirty minutes of walking can make to our overall health is quite incredible. Not convinced? Watch the video below.

This is much cheaper then the gym, fresher air too.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” – Friedrich Neitzsche

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