Never judge a book…

Many of us judge others before we really get to know them. It’s the way our brains are hardwired, to help make sense of the world around us.

First impressions are often lasting because our brain is making a decision based on past events, memories and triggers. Which means they aren’t always right but they are hard to forget.

This article takes a scientific look at what becomes engaged when we meet someone new.  There is an instant connection made between the emotional and decision making part of our brain.

It’s difficult to out think the part of us that does all the thinking.

The next time you meet someone and they rub you the wrong way, remember that every person has their own story. They have had their fair share of struggles, joy, pain, happiness and loss. They, like you, have lived a life which has led to this very moment. Where you have ended up meeting each other. Who knows what you could learn?!

“Reserving judgements is a matter of infinite hope.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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