It can often be difficult to take a step back. As a psychotherapist my goal is to provide an unbiased, objective look at what a client is going through. Maybe they weren’t aware it wasn’t the toilet seat being left up again that made them so angry.  But after a lifetime of never being listened to, that damn toilet seat was the last straw.

An outsiders peek into any life can give new insights. It can give us some space to have a new perspective.

Speaking of space and perspectives.. (great segue huh?)

Below is a 20 minute film called Overview. It’s about the effects seeing the Earth from space had on astronauts. They realised that we really are just on a big blue dot. It’s fragile and the damage that is being caused by us humans means we all have a responsibility.

When we’re feeling down perspective is a hard thing to get. I personally don’t have my own shuttle. Which means I can’t see the Earth from space and be filled with awe. But I still have the ability and choice to look into my own experience. So do you.

The next time you see that effing toilet seat up again, take a second and think about why you’re so upset. Maybe the bigger picture isn’t about the seat at all. And ladies and gentlemen that is what perspective is all about.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius

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