Buy Less, Be Happier

I sure make that sound easy, don’t I?

Maybe it’s not that easy but buying less is a good start to feeling more content. It’s been found that when people have high materialistic goals they often have lower rates of happiness and are more prone to psychological dysfunction. I believe this is because they are actually looking for happiness in the things they purchase. Which of course, is impossible.

With the season of buying all around us, here are some things you can do to get out of the materialism trap. (Maybe trap is too strong of word but I’m going for a bit of drama here.)

  1. Turn off the television. If you prefer you can just watch less, or put it on mute when the adverts are on. They are loud, flashy and have professionals working behind them. Their job is to manipulate you into thinking that you NEED their product. You don’t.
  2. Make shopping more of a business trip, not a recreational activity. It has become very common in our culture to make shopping a way to hang out. How many times have you gone out with friends needing nothing and come home with loads? When you need things, get them, when you don’t, try suggesting going for a walk.
  3. Take part in activities that have nothing to do with the material world. Go for a hike, draw, read, go to a free music gig. If you live in Dublin there is a great way to check out all the free things going on. Go here, and welcome to the Dublin Events Guide for Free Events. Enjoy.
  4. Take stock of what you have and de-clutter. If there are things that you know you haven’t worn/used/enjoyed for at least a year, bin them or give them away. Items of sentimental value can obviously be excluded. But I doubt that old mobile phone charger makes you feel all warm and fuzzy… and you have 4.

If you want to see what other things you can do to get be less materialistic you can do a bit of a Google.  As a start, check out this guy Scott H Young he has some great ideas.

“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” – Chuck Palahniuk

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